If you’ve never heard of the Arizona Memory Project, you’re not alone. It’s like a digital public library and this is a story about the team who are working to preserve the state’s rich past for our future. There are close to 500,000 items in the Memory Project — with more yet to explore.
VIDEO: Inside The Arizona Memory Project Archives
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Utility crews from around the country are volunteering their time to install electricity on the Navajo Nation. Many Navajos today live without light, running water and the internet — things most anyone takes for granted.
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AZ House Works Late On Budget, Senate GOP Holdouts Remain
The House worked until about 2 a.m. Friday. Both chambers plan to return at 10 a.m. today. The plan has solid majority Republican support in the House but falls far short of Senate votes.
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Report: Visitors Spent $947 Million At Grand Canyon In 2018
The Grand Canyon attracts millions of visitors from around the world, and, according to a report from the National Park Service, visitors bring their wallet.
Mexican Growers Make New Tomato Offer; Florida Growers Unmoved
More than two weeks after the deal governing Mexican tomato imports was terminated, negotiations for a replacement agreement do not seem to be going well.
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Impossible Burgers Hitting Restaurants, Grocery Stores
Burger King is currently experimenting with a new burger. The burger is called the Impossible Whopper, and it’s exactly like a regular Whopper, except for the fact that there’s no meat involved.
Sedona Unveils Plan To Balance Tourism, Sustainability
Sedona has been one of Arizona’s most attractive tourist destinations for many years, from its natural resources to hiking to more spiritual-related items like vortexes.

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Trump Administration Proposes Rule To Reverse Protections For Transgender Patients
A federal agency issued a proposed rule Friday that rolls back Obama-era protections for transgender patients. Advocates for transgender people say the rule leaves them vulnerable to discrimination.
Harvey Weinstein 'Reaches $44 Million Deal' With Accusers
Dozens of women accuse him of sexual misconduct. About $30 million would compensate alleged victims, former employees of Weinstein Co. and studio creditors, The Wall Street Journal reports.
Biden, Sanders Highlight Familiar Split In Democratic Party
The former vice president is calling for unity and compromise, a restoration, of sort, of what Democrats view as normalcy. For Bernie Sanders and his supporters, that's hardly enough.
In California, Agreement On New Rules For When Police Can Use Deadly Force
Under the agreement, officers will be able to use lethal force only when it is "necessary" and if there are no other options. That's widely viewed as higher than the existing legal standard.
Licensed Undocumented Immigrants May Lead To Safer Roads, Connecticut Finds
Allowing undocumented immigrants in Connecticut to obtain driver's licenses may have reduced hit-and-run crashes in the state. Eight other states are considering similar laws.