Police Report Details Allegations Against Tempe City Councilman

By Mariana Dale
Published: Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 5:09pm
Updated: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 8:26am

Tempe City Councilman Kolby Granville declined to speak with police regarding allegations of sexual assault and providing alcohol to minors.

The Phoenix Police Department began investigating Kolby Granville at the request of the Tempe Police Department after he was fired from the Tempe charter school where he taught.

The City of Tempe provided the report to KJZZ. Phoenix police have declined to release the report.

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Phoenix police specifically looked at three possible crimes: sexual assault, reckless assault and providing liquor to minors.

The three women who made the claims were former students of the school where Granville taught. He was not their direct instructor.

Here some of the details in the report, which includes interviews with the alleged victims:

  • One woman, who dated Granville shortly after turning 18, said she felt like he controlled the relationship to protect his job. She said he told her not to tell her family or friends about their 10-month relationship.

    She said her decision to come forward after she heard a story about Granville inappropriately touching a student while they were alone together.
  • Another woman said Granville brought up his sexual experiences with her when she was 17 years old and made physical advances toward her.

    When she told another teacher at her school about his behavior she laughed it off and said it “sounded like him.”

    She never told her parents what happened with Granville because she “felt Granville had all the power so nothing would have happened to him.”

    She feels guilty for not saying anything at the time. “She thinks if she had come forward sooner, maybe other girls would not have had to go through what they did.”

    She said she didn’t tell her parents what happened because she felt like Granville had all the power and nothing would happen to him.
  • A third woman said she spent time with Granville throughout 2014. She identified as gay at the time, which is part of the reason she and her parents weren’t concerned about Granville.

    The woman said Granville would visit her dorms in college and provide alcohol to her and her underage friends.

    One time while watching movies at his house, she drank gin and cranberry juice and became too intoxicated to drive home. She asked to sleep on the couch and Granville offered her his bed.

    He allegedly lied down behind her in a “spooning position” with his arm around her.

    Several lines of the police report are redacted in, but it does go on to say that the woman told Granville to stop and he became more persistent and “said something to the effect of “having ___ with a guy is no different than having ___ with a woman with ____.”

    The woman left the house and cried in her car before driving home. She remembers apologizing to Granville over email because “she thought somehow she had done something wrong or overreacted.”

Phoenix police closed the investigation when no victims agreed to participate in prosecution.

The city of Tempe is reviewing the report and determining how to proceed with a separate investigation. A city spokesman previously released a statement that a censure, formal reprimand, is the maximum penalty for a Code of Conduct investigation.

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