How One Man’s Arrest Could Derail Medical Marijuana In Arizona
The arrest of a patient in Arizona is threatening to upend the state’s medical marijuana industry. It’s a case likely headed to the Arizona Supreme Court. The second part in a series about the issues surrounding medical marijuana laws in Arizona looks at how the case began.
Part 1: Concern And Confusion
3 hours ago


Phoenix Entrepreneurs Visit Mexico City To Learn, Expand
A group of entrepreneurs from Arizona visited Mexico City this week. And the goal of this business trip was to get a better understanding of another culture, while building partnerships.
24 minutes ago
Sounds Of The City: Taking A Leap Of Faith On The Trapeze
Listen to the sounds of Eleanor Morel, flying high on the trapeze at I.FLY Trapeze at the Phoenician Resort.
39 minutes ago
Arizona Construction Jobs On The Rise
The Arizona construction industry has added 900 jobs in the past month and over 15,000 in the past year, according to figures released Thursday by the Office of Economic Opportunity.
1 hour ago
Why LA Teachers Are Considering A #RedForEd Strike
This spring, thousands of Arizona teachers walked out of the classroom to protest low pay and other concerns, and a similar protest could be on the horizon in California.
1 hour ago
More Americans Are Eating At Home
There’s something comforting about home cooking. And, even though a lot of restaurants advertise that their cooking is as good as your mother’s, recent data shows that more Americans are staying in than they did a decade ago.
1 hour ago

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The observatory suddenly closed, with little explanation, for 11 days in September, fueling rumors its shutdown was due to aliens, UFOs, or government surveillance.
The additional deaths were reported in North Carolina. South Carolina's governor said the damage in his state "will be catastrophic, surpassing anything recorded in modern history."
In a recent letter, Sen. Ron Wyden said some senators and Senate staff members were warned by a major tech company "that their personal email accounts were targeted by foreign government hackers."
Newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau show Americans have spent an extra two and a half hours commuting last year compared to the year before.
Tech Bureau Corp., which owns the Zaif cryptocurrency exchange, says the security breach occurred last week, and was discovered several days later.