Activists found what they believe to be the body of a critically endangered porpoise in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez last week. It's the first vaquita marina that has been found dead so far this year.
The Vaquita's Last Stand: The Struggle To Save The World's Rarest Marine Mammal
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Record Voting In Phoenix Mayoral Election, More Races To Come
A record number of ballots were cast in last week’s runoff election for Phoenix mayor. On Wednesday, the City Council will officially declare Kate Gallego the winner over Daniel Valenzuela.
1 hour ago
The Takeaway: Some Progress On Native American Voting Rights
In the run-up to last year’s midterm elections, there were a number of reports of voter suppression. Native Americans face certain challenges — including making use of non-traditional addresses — when it comes to registering to vote.
1 hour ago
The Takeaway: As FBI Headquarters Crumbles In D.C., President Trump
The crumbling J. Edgar Hoover building, the FBI's current headquarters, was scheduled to be replaced by a new complex. But when Donald Trump won the presidency, the move, which had been planned as far back as 2014, was abruptly cancelled.
1 hour ago
The Pulse: Can EMTs, Paramedics Catch A Break?
If you’ve ever had to call an ambulance or ridden in one, it was probably one of the scariest moments of your life. But to the ambulance workers who sped to the scene, it was one of many calls during another busy day on the road.
2 hours ago
AZ Bill Would Restrict Payments For Registering Voters
The Arizona House voted Monday to make it a crime for people who conduct voter registration drives to be paid based on the number of voters they sign up.
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Primatologist Frans de Waal believes that the way humans experience emotion is not unique: "That's a spectrum of behavior that we have, and the same thing is true for many other species."
French prosecutors suspect the Tokyo bid committee of paying bribes to host the 2020 Games. Tsunekazu Takeda, who also chairs the IOC's Marketing Commission, maintains his innocence.
The Anti-Defamation League says white supremacist propaganda has increased by more than 180 percent in the past year, as the groups seek to recruit disaffected white kids looking for community.
Nazarbaev is the only president Kazakhstan has ever known. He first rose to authority as a Communist Party official — and he's been accused of human rights abuses.
Vice President Pence will visit Nebraska on Tuesday to survey damage caused by Midwest floods that have killed at least four people and displaced hundreds.