Soccer teams and enterprises have found in the American market an attractive field to expand their brands and profits. Among the growing hot spots is Phoenix, which will host a friendly match between Mexico and the U.K. on July 19. But how will this game benefit the teams, the organizers and the city?
It’s the first 100th birthday for the Avondale Senior Center, and the birthday girl has been the life of the party for the past two decades. Everyone at the center knows "Mommy Juanita."


Ability 360 and Valley Leadership Institute partnered on a project they hope will provide better, more reliable information to people with disabilities or older adults when purchasing a home.
8 hours ago
Northern Arizona residents who get their health benefits from the state’s Medicaid program will be assigned a new health plan provider after it dropped one of its major insurers.
8 hours ago
Heavy rain has reached the Flagstaff area — about 3 to 4 inches fell up north earlier Wednesday. An official said the Coconino County Sheriff's Office is teaming up with emergency management to assess the flooding northeast of Flagstaff along Highway 89.
8 hours ago
An operation targeting online scammers has reportedly saved some Arizona residents money. During the 20-day operation, the agency says they prevented Arizonans from wiring $14,000.
10 hours ago
It used to be that if you needed to travel across the country, you wouldn’t get on a plane, you’d hop on a train. But there isn’t even an Amtrak stop here in Phoenix and, out here in the West, Amtrak wants to scale back travel options even further.
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"Russia attempted to interfere with the last election and ... it continues to engage in malign influence operations to this day," Christopher Wray said at a national security forum.
The agency has not had permanent leadership since July 2017. If confirmed by the Senate, Steven Dillingham will oversee the 2020 census and inherit six lawsuits challenging a citizenship question.
Jesse Randall Davidson pleaded guilty to charges related to the shooting that occurred just two weeks after the Parkland, Fla., massacre. Davidson's attorney said he didn't want to hurt any kids.
Walter Carr's car broke down. He set out to make a grueling 20-mile walk to his first assignment. It turned into an odyssey of kind gestures and generosity.
"We will neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade, or use of" artificial intelligence that is used to kill people, leading AI researchers vowed.