The Nutcracker returns to Ballet Arizona for its holiday residence with the Phoenix Symphony Hall. The New York Times has called the production one of the top three in the country, and it includes hundreds of Arizona’s best ballet dancers. Many of them are kids.
The United States has abandoned its attempt to prosecute a Border Patrol agent who killed a teenager by firing through the Arizona border fence into Mexico. A motion filed in federal court Thursday that brings to an end the six-year case of Lonnie Swartz.


NASA, UA Research Team To Speak At American Geophysical Union
NASA’s mission to reach an asteroid was finally successful last week. Now, researches at the University of Arizona will present preliminary findings from the OSIRIS-REx mission at the American Geophysical Union beginning Monday in Washington, D.C.
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UA Scientists Spot Planets In Dust Rings Around A Dozen Stars
An international team of scientists has found evidence of protoplanets forming in the dust rings around 12 young stars in the constellation Taurus.
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UA Study Finds Women
A research team at the University of Arizona recently found that when young women believe men’s roles in society as caregivers are rapidly increasing, they are more likely to imagine themselves as the primary breadwinner of their future families.
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Consulates Offer Training For Women Entrepreneurs
The University of Arizona is working with the U.S. Consulate in Nogales to offer a training program for women entrepreneurs in Mexico.
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Clinic Provides $2 Million Worth Of Free Dentistry In Two Days
The 7th annual Dental Mission of Mercy wrapped up Saturday at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. About 2,000 people were provided more than $2 million worth of free dentistry in two days.

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The pact, set to be approved this week, is meant to help the European Union navigate its most politically sensitive issue. The pact is non-binding, but several countries have pulled support.
The price of insulin keeps going up. For people with Type 1 diabetes, high prices can be a life and death issue. Now a grassroots movement is pushing for change.
Why develop an exercise habit now? Because 75-year-olds who've been doing it for decades may have the cardiovascular systems of people in their 40s and the muscles of 20-somethings, researchers found.
A U.N. climate report says the only way to avoid the worst climate impacts will be to suck carbon emissions out of the air. Researchers are trying to find a feasible way to do that.
Suggesting that special counsel Robert Mueller is tightening the net has become a fashionable take lately. But last week's developments may not mean Mueller's investigation is winding up.